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Aztec Carpets Care

Carpet Care in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Liquid spillages are more easily removed if dealt with immediately, so act quickly and blot off all the liquid stain with dry cloths or kitchen roll.


Semi solid substances should be removed with a spatula. For stain removal products, don't rub the pile surface to much or over soak the stain. Clean off any remaining carpet stain use a clean damp cloth soaked in warm water and blot the stain with a dabbing action, dry the remainder with a dry cloth or kitchen roll.


A good rule is always work from the outside of the stain inwards, this will stop bleeding or the stain spreading.

If your carpet does end up with a stubborn stain that you just can't seem to remove, then it's best to consult a professional in stain removal.


Vacuum your new carpet regularly at least 2 or 3 times a week if possible to avoid dirt and particles from sinking into the material. Consult your vacuums user guide as what best cleaner head to use on your carpets material and style.


If you ever get 'Pilling' on your carpet (this is loose bits that fleck up, like on woolly jumpers) it can be dealt with effectively by just snipping the bobbles off with scissors.


Most carpets lose some short, excess fibres when they are first fitted. This is known as 'shedding' it is perfectly normal so don't fret. It also does not mean you have a bad carpet or badly fitted carpet, just give your carpet a few vacuums and it will stop completely.


Over time your carpet will fade due to light and flatten, this is unavoidable, after all it does get walked on, exposed to light all the time. Vacuuming will do wonders for your carpets and 'Castor cups' will help prevent the flattening of heavy items, we always recommend occasionally moving the position of your furniture a little, so that all that weight isn't concentrated on just the one spot indefinitely.


Our Hint: if you have a bit of carpet that's been flattened, use a coin to rejuvenate your carpet, simply rub the pile that's squashed with the coin edge!


If you have more questions or are unsure how to care for your new carpet from Aztec Carpets and Flooring get in touch with Aztec Carpets and Flooring and we will try to help. Aztec Carpets and Flooring send us a question with our simple form.


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